Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it's MY school, now

DIP 1 and DIP 2 graduated years ago from the same school DIP 3 now attends.

Dips 1 & 2 are still close to the school; help out with their concert, proctor tests, substitute, supervise late night events at the school, maintain an ongoing shiur for former classmates- you get the picture. They loved school, the administrators, their friends, and they still feel connected.

but at this point, none of the current 9-12 grades were in school when my daughters were there. So there aren't really any girls who remember their antics, tricks, songs, or class' personality.

I commented on this to Dip 3 this evening, as she was going to her Chanuka Chagiga. I asked, are Dip 1 & 2 going? Do they remember any of the girls from when they were in school?

Dip 3 kind of proudly stated "uh-uh. Their high school classes all graduated already. Now it's MY school."

I always thought she was quite independent and confident with who she is. I still think so. But I didn't realize how much the specter of her older sisters overshadowed her connection to her school. which is now really HER school.