Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Padding the Numbers?

I recently put a counter on this blog. Kind of hopeful that there are way more people reading than commenting. I started the number at 100 (I think, if I remember correctly) because I assumed that at least that many people have looked at it since I began.

Now I am beginning to wonder - should I have started it at 1000? I mean, I am not trying to compete with any other blogs, but is it possible that some blogs which only began a few months ago already have 6,000 hits?

I am quite glad for the blog that has had 400,000 hits. That is half a million, people!! Awesome, great for her! Any mathematicians out there? for a two year old blog, half a million hits, that is like 540 hits a day. Is that actually possible? wow.

or are there so many people out there (you young ones, I expect) who check the same blog many times in one day?

fess up, people!
1. if you have your own blog, what was your starting number for your counter?
2. How often in one day do you view the same blog?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cool Zachage vs. Intriguing Object

YBS has been home for two full weeks. At first I noticed that he seemingly is incapable of having a conversation with complete English sentences. Lots of he's and it's repeatedly so we lose track of what's going on, sprinkled with too many zachages and l'maisas, and a liberal dose of stam's and l'choiras, and most of the assembled guests were lost. I pulled him aside by day three of this verbal slaughter and had a conversation with him.

DIP: Listen, honey, we need to have a conversation about how you talk

YBS: grunt or snort

DIP: I mean about how you talk when trying to have a conversation

YBS: huh??

DIP: LANGUAGE! LANGUAGE! the language you use when you talk to us!

YBS: Nivel peh is ossur

DIP: (sigh) and I am proud of your awareness of that. I meant the limited English vocabulary you use when you talk.

YBS: L'maisa you get it, no? whatever, the exact lashon isn't the ikur, it's, like, I don't have to be So medakdek. Anyways, everyone has some yeshiva connection, they know the lashon, it's like, ...

DIP: that is not the point. You (here I launch into one of my favorite speeches) represent Torah, a Yeshiva Bochur, and you want people think highly of you. You wouldn't walk around with a stained white shirt, would you? It's not bekovodik.

YBS: okay, that stain was not my fault. I ran out of shirts from the cleaners.

DIP: also not the point. You cannot possibly be this dense, you are the son of intelligent people. Focus! You need to cut down on the yeshivish lingo when you talk! it sounds ridiculous and (trump card) Your grandparents hate it. So at least when they are here don't talk that way.

YBS: Uh, didn't Grandpa go to Telsz? The Gedoioilim (his oi's are somehow so emphasized, especially notable in our clearly non oi family) l'choira spoke that way. it's the kesher with bochrim, with the yeshivish oilam. but fine, kibud av v'aim is very choshuv, ganz choshuv. I'll be mishtadel to be mistapek more closely my words.

DIP: oh, and that's another thing. you did NOT go to a cheder, and we do not speak yiddish here. So don't even think about ending sentences with verb modifiers or whatever they are.

YBS: (clears throat), mother dearest, I understand your concern that in public I present myself as an intelligent and verbally sophisticated individual. And when the time comes, I will not embarrass you or Dad or the rest of the family by mumbling and rambling incoherent sentences that the non jewish or non yeshivish world cannot navigate. however, I am currently in a different matzav/ I mean environment, and this is how I feel comfortable communicating.

DIP: I chap! I chap! Gevaldik!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Have Progressed He is Independent!

A great discovery has been made about YBS!

Even though he is home, he wants to do his own laundry!

Okay, he does everything together, on warm. Guess what? He is being responsible, so what do I care??

Except the 220 thread count %100 cotton sheets I am doing separately. I have some standards.

Of course the effort will make him hungry so when everyone again meets in the kitchen at 10:30 p.m. the hunt for edibles will begin once more.

I actually made a real supper. Well, sort of real. Baked Ziti. More carbs. Just noodles. and YBS did dishes!

Someone is maturing....

But I am not yet ready for Sons in the Parsha.