Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Have Progressed He is Independent!

A great discovery has been made about YBS!

Even though he is home, he wants to do his own laundry!

Okay, he does everything together, on warm. Guess what? He is being responsible, so what do I care??

Except the 220 thread count %100 cotton sheets I am doing separately. I have some standards.

Of course the effort will make him hungry so when everyone again meets in the kitchen at 10:30 p.m. the hunt for edibles will begin once more.

I actually made a real supper. Well, sort of real. Baked Ziti. More carbs. Just noodles. and YBS did dishes!

Someone is maturing....

But I am not yet ready for Sons in the Parsha.


Dry Eyes said...

Sons in the parasha means you can't go out to stores without being accosted by shadchanim all wanting to redt shidduchim for your son.

daughtersintheparsha said...

as a mother of daughters, sorry, no sympathy. at least people remember you have a child "in the parsha".

Dry Eyes said...

I wasnt asking for sympathy. Incidentally, I am a girl and I see the "daughters in the parsha" side of things. I am just warning you what is to come...I have brothers, ya know?

harry-er than them all said...

i also do my own laundry at home the same way as your son does. only cause if i put it in the hamper i'll never see it again.

tembow said...

haha harry! i do the same for the same reason :)