Monday, April 15, 2019

Anyone out there?

I see it's been years since I've blogged.
When did blogging go out of fashion?
And is it because of opinions given in only 144 characters, only pictures, Instagram, quick short statements? 

I miss this 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Full Circle. Almost

           My parents often had parties when I was a young girl.  Although we weren't invited guests, the house seemed festive and always smelled delicious, as my mother was (and still remains) an excellent and creative cook.  Occasionally we'd sneak, or even be given permission to sample the buffet before bedtime.   I remember having to go to sleep early, but sneaking to the doorway of my bedroom to hear the chatter and periodic bursts of loud laughter. Our apartment had a long hallway that eventually led to an open study, which continued into the living room, and then the dining room. I grew bold as the talk and laughter got louder, and sometimes managed to creep all the way to the door of the living room.  If I was lucky, Dave F. or Ray M. would spot me, and flash me a wink or a grin. If I was unlucky, one of my parents would see me, but with a grin herald me back to bed.  The biggest thrill was be spotted and then race back into bed.   As I got older and my brothers joined me in my party crashing ways, it became a challenge to be spotted, but back under our covers before our  presence was noted.  We'd then lie in bed with our hearts smashing against our chests, giggling and waiting for our blood to stop pumping furiously before we tried it, again. Walt and Dan and I would try  to guess which of my parents'  friends was the storyteller or person who laughed the loudest.  We were usually pretty accurate in our guesses, because we knew my parents' circle of close friends very well.  My parents grew up together, and from first grade on, were classmates and part of a circle of friends who are still close many decades later. 
            I am still hiding in a room, an uninvited guest, but I am now 40+ years older, and it is my children who are making the party. 
And I am sneaking out to hear my son play guitar, and my daughters chatting with their guests, and I'm wondering who just told the joke that caused everyone to laugh loudly. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Radio Ads

So much for one word titles.

Radio ads are sometimes an incredible form of information and entertainment.  Images can be portrayed through pictures.  Sometimes, though, the ads can be a little....irritating. Creepy. Silly.

The creepiest ad I have been hearing recently is the anti smoking campaign ad, in which a woman suggests people record their voices for their grandchildren to hear.  Since the only voice her grandchildren know is the artificial one created by her artificial device.  It is the creepiest ad I have ever heard.  I cannot listen to it, I usually switch stations.  Not that I ever wished to smoke.  I abhor the smell.   But if you know someone who smokes, let him/her listen to it.

While searching for the link, I discovered that she just passed away. I was sad to hear that.  I hope some people quit today based on her video.

On a lighter note,
 the Grossest ads - D-I-N-O-V-I-T-E.
Do we really want to hear about stinky discharge from dogs' ears, smelly oozing pus from postules on the hairy body, breath that reeks,  body odors, emissions, and other disgusting descriptions of what is wrong with someone's dog? Ewww

Saturday, December 6, 2014


what's with flashing or honking friends as you drive by? I was at an intersection off of 306 this afternoon when I heard wild honking. I whipped my head around and shrieked to my kids, "what?! what is it? Do I have a flat? Did I run over a streimel? was it a streimel on a head? Is there a cop honking me? who is it? who is it?"

My kids stopped talking and just stared at me. I had a wild look and my whipping around flipped my shaitel into my mouth, and the ends got caught on my sunglasses. I was frightful looking.

Thank you to my friend who doesn't call me but feels the need to honk like a meshugana when she sees me.

flashing someone from behind them. I was waiting to turn a corner, when a minivan pulled up behind me, like really, really close behind me. then she started flashing her headlights. First I thought, "Are my lights on but they shouldn't be? Are my lights off when they should be on? Did I go through a red light? Was I suppose to turn?"
then I got annoyed and thought, no way is that female flashing her brights because I didn't make the left turn when there was a five second break between the 18 wheeler and the school bus. She must be kidding! I was really irked and distracted, then my youngest shouted, "Hey Ma! It's your friend _____!!"

when I drive, I drive. I flash my brights if it is 8:45 and getting dark and oncoming traffic doesn't have their lights on.

And I honk when someone is walking with their back to the traffic three feet off the shoulder. Or when I pull into a driveway to pick someone up.

You want to talk to me? great! CALL ME ON THE PHONE!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I will now be writing posts with a single word as the post title.
 twill be a real challenge for me, Miss Wordy.

54 people looked at my previous post!? 
I am the Sally Fields of blogging

What Is The Real Meaning Of Tzniyus?

Truthfully?  I have no clue.
I mean of course I do, but I don't feel like going into it.
A poster on my previous blog entry stated her daughter thought it might be Un-Tzniyasdik to give a picture of herself.  As a result, the boy declined to date her.

I don't agree about it being untzniyusdik.  They will be spending time together in close quarters, hopefully making eye contact.  That's what you do on dates.  He's gonna see her anyway, the picture isn't inappropriate for that reason.  But to nix a shidduch cuz you DIDN'T get a picture?

First of all:   Good for you!  Good for you and your daughter for not capitulating and giving in to this idiocy of demanding a picture.  I would venture to say that he was not Your Intended One.  I cannot imagine that H' (Hashem) would allow a bashert to slip through your hands because you didn't give him a picture.
I believe we can blame (cuz I love to do that) the shadchanim.
If every single shadchan out there would refuse to give pictures of girls, what would happen?  Boys would actually have to risk a date with someone who doesn't look like what they think or more often their mother thinks is the ideal look for their son!
And for you boys' mothers who say,  "you know what's involved for a boy to date? He has to give up seder, rent a car, shower/shave/get dressed, drive (let's say up to Monsey, for Brooklyn people that's practically Canada), pay for drinks/dinner/mini golf/parking/tolls, then drive back!  that's hours and hours and lotsa moola and what if the minute he walks in the door he doesn't like her looks? Let's avoid that problem!

Let's teach our boys that it's not just about looks! That you can attempt to have a conversation with someone who might not be "your look" but might prove to be interesting! engaging! cute! charming!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ho -Hum

I was really annoyed about 2 things today.  DIP3 suggested I blog about it.  As you all know, I haven't blogged in a very long time, and I told her so - plus the fact that I get no feedback.  To which she replied, "people read it, but don't respond".  And anyway, this is a good way for me to express my distress.  It's too long for a facebook post.

I am irked that it is acceptable to ask for a picture of The Girl when suggesting a shidduch.  Mainly I am bothered by this, because I think it is just plain disgusting that without even meeting a girl face to face, a boy will nix her immediately.  I get it if he doesn't like blond or red.  Actually, scratch that, I don't get it at all.  Ever hear of hair dye? or buying a different color sheitel? But that's not even the issue!
How do you nix meeting someone just because she isn't "the look" you want?  If all the other details about her are a match, just meet and shmooze.
How vain and empty headed are these heilig boys we are running after. 
This isn't the same thing as meeting a girl once or twice and then deciding she just isn't attractive.  Gosh!

The other thing that has been irking me all day is hearing stories of people using 70 or 110 or 200 AMEX credit cards to buy merchandise.
It doesn't matter if it's Halachically acceptable. Is it within the spirit of the law?
Even if your brother in law personally called up AMEX and asked "them"  (who? some secretary?) and "they" said it was ok to buy one $400 item with 13 credit cards, each of which would be swiped 3 times to pay for said item.

There is just something so tasteless about this whole..... chap.

and how on earth did they get all those cards? A picture on vinnews had a guy with what looked like 100 cards.  Can you imagine his credit score?

If you're paying off debt, guess what! If it's on the credit card, it is still debt!