Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Radio Ads

So much for one word titles.

Radio ads are sometimes an incredible form of information and entertainment.  Images can be portrayed through pictures.  Sometimes, though, the ads can be a little....irritating. Creepy. Silly.

The creepiest ad I have been hearing recently is the anti smoking campaign ad, in which a woman suggests people record their voices for their grandchildren to hear.  Since the only voice her grandchildren know is the artificial one created by her artificial device.  It is the creepiest ad I have ever heard.  I cannot listen to it, I usually switch stations.  Not that I ever wished to smoke.  I abhor the smell.   But if you know someone who smokes, let him/her listen to it.

While searching for the link, I discovered that she just passed away. I was sad to hear that.  I hope some people quit today based on her video.

On a lighter note,
 the Grossest ads - D-I-N-O-V-I-T-E.
Do we really want to hear about stinky discharge from dogs' ears, smelly oozing pus from postules on the hairy body, breath that reeks,  body odors, emissions, and other disgusting descriptions of what is wrong with someone's dog? Ewww


Anonymous said...

oh my god... what kind of station are you listening to? The ads are targeted to the audience.. so I imagine the typical listener as a middle aged woman wearing some over the top massive expensive earings walking her dog while smoking! (i assume that's not you)

daughtersintheparsha said...