Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spend One of The Holiest Days of the Year in the Cemetery!

Once I again I rant against going to Uman for Yom Tov.

I don't care what the holy Breslover Rebbe said. I don't think he meant for 40,000 Jews to leave their families and regular shuls to go daven at his grave. And his supposed statement of daven here and you'll be saved sounds sort of like some other religion that talks about being saved...
Do mitzvos- that will "save" you.

Daven with your sons at your side. On real chairs in a real building that is B'kovodik for the prayers you will be saying. Then go home to your family and enjoy a beautiful Yom Tov Seuda that your wife prepared, not some caterer. And say and listen to divrei Torah from your children.

Don't throw money at a bunch of Ukrainians who hate you and tried to obliterate you once before in the not so distant past.

Sorry, I don't think it's beautiful that there are rooms set aside in European airports for overflow and minyanim. I don't think it's wonderful that hundreds of store owners are shlepping over there with cots, tents, food, concessions, etc. I am all for capitalism but doesn't anyone feel like standing up and saying THIS IS UTTER NONSENSE AND NOT THE WAY JEWS SHOULD BE CELEBRATING ROSH HASHANA!! I don't think it's amazing the way Jews from Israel and America and other parts of Europe are all gathering together. Let them gather together in their shuls. Or at the Kosel. Or gather the money they are spending and give it to the Aniyim of Eretz Yisroel. Or of their country.

Utter Lunacy.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Am Not Picky and Please Follow Up

that's actually just a title for two issues about shidduchim that have been bothering me lately. not related.

I hate that term. People have likes and dislikes. My daughter is not "picky". Just because your daughter was lucky enough to find her mate and get married 20 seconds after she came back from Israel doesn't mean she wasn't "picky". she just found what she wanted right away.

Is a girl picky because she finds fat guys unappealing?
Is a girl picky because she wants someone who is a particular personality?
Is a girl picky because she wants a guy for a husband who is similar to the men in her life (father/brothers/uncles/close relatives) whom she respects, admires, and is comfortable with?

Next time I am with you and you start talking about being picky I will say, or ask you:
why do you live in THAT neighborhood? Weren't you being picky when you chose it?
Why do serve that type of chicken, is your family picky?
Why aren't you eating the mushrooms in your food? Shopping at the same grocery store as I do? Attending a particular shiur? and last: WHY ARE YOU SAYING NO TO SOME SHIDDUCHIM BEING RHEDT TO YOUR SON? OR DAUGHTER?

follow up:
please don't tell me every time you see me "Oh, I am working on this and this shidduch".
either work on it - or don't.
either suggest it - or don't.
it doesn't take two years for a mother of a boy to say "we are not interested" or "we looked into it". If youpre serious, then call the mother frequently. Yes. Be. A. Pest. You want to help girls get married? FOLLOW UP