Monday, May 31, 2010

My Hands Smell Like Brine

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not tell me that analogy of the pickles in the pickle jar. One comes out, albeit with difficulty, and the next ones just come out quickly.

To start with, I use canned Israeli pickles. You flip open the can and voila! Out they all come, garlic slices and all.

And if I buy the jarred pickles from Costco, you open, take one, and close.

And who thought this was a clever little story to repeat? If another individual pulls me over and quietly mumbles this brilliant story in my ear, like they invented it, I'll...I'll...I'll...
fling a jar of briny pickle juice in their face.

DIP1 will find a mate without any yanking and fighting with pickles, I'H.

The Reb Yaakov Quote

throughout DIP2's engagement I meet people who remind me of that wonderful statement attributed to Reb Yaakov: when asked what he expected from him Mechutanim, he stated, "I want whatever they want". Clearly a Gadol and Tzadik would be easygoing like that, to keep shalom, etc.

I am not like that. You know what I want? The same thing- whatever the mechutanim want. Except that they should want whatever I want.
I like things to go my way.
I don't like giving in to other people's opinions.
(I have been very easy going, as have my Mechutanim).

I wonder what kind of a mother in law I will be. ha ha ha.

Actually, future Son In Law, henceforth known as SIL1, loves coming to us for Shabbos. So far so good!