Thursday, August 9, 2012

Um... There's paint on your face

I saw a real cutie in the grocery store today.  She must have been in the midst of color war, because there were slogans and designs all over her arms and face rooting for the blue team.  "Go Blue!" on her forhead, with stripes on her cheeks and her nose all blue (like a red nose on a clown. but blue).  Her arms had designs with "Go Blue!" scribbled in them.

Body Art?  I don't get the whole face painting thing.  If it's anything like heavy makeup, it just becomes itchy and uncomfortable. I guess it's done so kids can ooh and aah over their friends' faces.

Hey! Maybe that's it! It's like practice for when you're an adult and you do something just to impress your friends!

Or it makes me think of when you have a poppy seed or a piece of parsley stuck in your teeth. You don't notice it but it looks unpleasant to everyone else.

Monday, August 6, 2012

How Much Did You Pay??

So....fess up!! do tell!!   $350?  $450??

Was it a planned vacation anyway?

Did anyone actually get tickets for  $337?

Actually, I wonder -

did ANYONE in the frum world get ANY work done today between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.???

Kudos to all of you who did get great deals on your ElAl flights  :)

(yes - I did- $500)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Red Onion Mazel Tovs

How bad is it to have a salad with red onions in it at the reception for a wedding?

The Kalla here in the house doesn't want us to have it.  The Brocoli Red Onion Cashew Salad.  Cuz then everyone who comes up to give her a mazel tov kiss with have awful onion breath.

I guess I could have a bowl of Must gum right next to the salads.

we are worried about serious things over here.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

2000 pictures of the Siyum Hashas on Yeshiva World and NOT ONE PICTURE of the thousands of women who attended.

Articles in Jewish publications about noshim tzikaniyos, women in our community, beloved educators, talented and gifted women featured in articles - and not a single picture.

Pamphlets and brochures of schools and institutions  with  no pictures of the female students (with the exception of the yeshiva in Cleveland, kudos to them!)

videos at school dinners featuring the students - boys of all ages and girls up to 1st grade.

Girls' schools orientations  and girls' graduations where fathers are asked not to attend.

and of course, men only events. 

Vorts with separate rooms for men and women.

Kiddushes with 6 ft. high mechitzas. 

Let's not even get into people who won't give rides to girls if their sons are in the car.

Families who won't have guests for shabbos meals if their boys are home and the guests have daughters.

Girls who can't have a friend over when the yeshiva bochur brother is home for the weekend (and I don't mean because they want "family only" time)

When something is absolutely forbidden all the time, isn't that what you spend all your time thinking about?

It is no wonder that boys want gorgeous, thin, super attractive girls for their wives.  They haven't had any chance to talk to or meet with a girl who may have great ma'alos and also may be larger than a size 6. So they are fantasizing.

Don't misunderstand me - I am not advocating mixed events, dating for fun, or excessive fraternizing and flirting.

Maybe I have it all wrong!  Can we have a boy age 18-25 weigh in here?

Or is it just possible, maybe maybe, despite all this extreme separation and forbidden interaction, that frum boys are really just like non frum boys? they really, really, REALLY think about women and their looks and want to marry a gorgeous hottie??

If that's the case, what have we accomplished?