Thursday, August 9, 2012

Um... There's paint on your face

I saw a real cutie in the grocery store today.  She must have been in the midst of color war, because there were slogans and designs all over her arms and face rooting for the blue team.  "Go Blue!" on her forhead, with stripes on her cheeks and her nose all blue (like a red nose on a clown. but blue).  Her arms had designs with "Go Blue!" scribbled in them.

Body Art?  I don't get the whole face painting thing.  If it's anything like heavy makeup, it just becomes itchy and uncomfortable. I guess it's done so kids can ooh and aah over their friends' faces.

Hey! Maybe that's it! It's like practice for when you're an adult and you do something just to impress your friends!

Or it makes me think of when you have a poppy seed or a piece of parsley stuck in your teeth. You don't notice it but it looks unpleasant to everyone else.

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wolfman said...

" She must have been in the midst of color war"

Ya think?