Thursday, December 6, 2012

They're All Jewish (mostly)

I've just returned from a beautiful 2 week visit to Israel.  As always, Awesome. Spiritual. Uplifting. Relaxing.
I don't usually do a lot of touring or running around, as we mainly go to visit with close family. 
This time, however, I did do some of the Rechov Yafo strolling about.

I felt somewhat sad.  On Thursday night, Rechov Yafo and the surrounding side streets were packed. Since the inception of the Light Rail, the street is closed to vehicular traffic, and is like a broad cobbled European thoroughfare (with really badly dressed people). So we strolled around a bit.   I felt so.... unspiritual.
There were just hordes of young Israelis and Americans, drinking, hanging out, smoking, dressed like...goyim.  The bars or restaurants were packed with people who looked so far removed from any knowledge of Judaism.  I felt sad- who knows what most of these people's grandparents looked like?

But my ever positive, upbeat, Oheiv Yisroel husband had such a different outlook-
"Why are you kvetching? They are all Jews! They are all G-d's Children! All of 'em!"

(except the russian ones who aren't really jewish)

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