Thursday, August 12, 2010

Observation #1

I"m embarrassed to say it, but here goes:

women really are awful drivers. and they don't know how to park in parking spaces with lines. (but chassidish men are pretty bad at that, too).

everyone except for my sister and I.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I recently saw a blog post somewhere (not sure where) in which a discussion ensued about women in some chassidish communities now wearing spring coats so they are not overly appealing in their regular summer clothes when out and about shopping or strolling on shabbos.

You heard me right, folks. Some very very clever businessman (emphasis on man) decided the level of tzniyus in his neighborhood, motivated I guess by the level of money in his bank account, was too low. Women walking around in their black shapeless suits or baggy zip up shirts and A-line skirts was too suggestive. So to protect eyes and thoughts from straying, women are wearing coats. in the summer. in 98 degree weather.

IT ISN'T YIDDISHKEIT, IT'S NARISHKEIT. (I have to trademark that comment)

it's like the expression 24/7 which everyone knows means "all the time". but some zealot somewhere was probably worried that it may be perceived as someone doing said activity on shabbos, so just to clarify (because how they live their life, daven, learn, where they send the kids to school, how they do business, what their family is like, blah blah wasn't enough proof that they are solid frum people) they modified the comment.

sick sick sick.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Feel Newly Married!!

I had such an enlightening and youthful moment this evening.

I felt newly married.

I made a fresh supper.

It has been so long, I got reacquainted with my lovely dishes, pots, and utensils!

DIP1 and YBS are home, and I have run out of edible leftovers, hence something fresh.

actually, while scouting around for a specific Tupperware to put my lettuce in, I happened to glance upwards, and noticed it under some Tupperware cereal boxes. Upon opening the container, I discovered the fat free/whole wheat/splenda mini blueberry muffins (thanks G6, sorry I don't know how to link) I made a few weeks ago. I had wondered where they had gone, since I know I didn't eat all of them. I also looked at them for a moment or two, because I didn't recall icing them. with white, fuzzy icing. Oh well. I then decided I really needed to cook something new because the fuzzy white mini muffins are a testimonial to the food situation in our kitchen.
(I gave the cleaning lady two rolls on Thursday which DIP1 insists had mold on them, but luckily my lenses weren't in, and I shouted at Juana "YOU SEE MOLD??? LOOK GOOD??" and I just slapped on some tuna. her husband hasn't come to complain she is sick so I guess all is okay. whatever. mold=penicillin=free health care for illegals, so whose complaining??)

So I defrosted several half opened packages of chicken and made a yummy dinner. actually I just cut up carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, zuchinni, and red pepper, threw the chicken on top, sprinkled on seasoned salt, and baked. yum:

DIP1: Fleishigs? what is this, you cooked? something fresh? what's wrong?
YBS: I hate vegetables
DIP1: I had fleishigs for lunch.
YBS: I hate vegetables. But I like onions. I love onions. and Potatoes are vegetables. But not sweet potatoes
Me: Look at all those vitamins! swimming in chicken fat because I didn't have time to skin the chicken!
(okay, this is a little personal, but since I didn't skin the chickens, I also didn't remove the "end" of the chicken, like the "bottom" body part)
Hubby: yum, you left on the betzelshe, my favorite (gobbles it up)
Hubby: nu, nu!
DIP1: you made a bracha already???
Me: can you even make a bracha on that part of the chicken? it's fat and skin. fui
YBS: these onions are great, thanks ma
DIP1: I really wanted a pizza bagel. and when you spice chicken, dear mother, you have to put the spice under the skin so it has flavor.

this is a complaint of DIP3 who removes the skin on other occasions when I don't have time to remove it, and shmears the de-skinned chicken with skin reversed so the spices go on the chicken flesh.

at this point we are all milchigs already. thankfully. I found a string cheese.