Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spend One of The Holiest Days of the Year in the Cemetery!

Once I again I rant against going to Uman for Yom Tov.

I don't care what the holy Breslover Rebbe said. I don't think he meant for 40,000 Jews to leave their families and regular shuls to go daven at his grave. And his supposed statement of daven here and you'll be saved sounds sort of like some other religion that talks about being saved...
Do mitzvos- that will "save" you.

Daven with your sons at your side. On real chairs in a real building that is B'kovodik for the prayers you will be saying. Then go home to your family and enjoy a beautiful Yom Tov Seuda that your wife prepared, not some caterer. And say and listen to divrei Torah from your children.

Don't throw money at a bunch of Ukrainians who hate you and tried to obliterate you once before in the not so distant past.

Sorry, I don't think it's beautiful that there are rooms set aside in European airports for overflow and minyanim. I don't think it's wonderful that hundreds of store owners are shlepping over there with cots, tents, food, concessions, etc. I am all for capitalism but doesn't anyone feel like standing up and saying THIS IS UTTER NONSENSE AND NOT THE WAY JEWS SHOULD BE CELEBRATING ROSH HASHANA!! I don't think it's amazing the way Jews from Israel and America and other parts of Europe are all gathering together. Let them gather together in their shuls. Or at the Kosel. Or gather the money they are spending and give it to the Aniyim of Eretz Yisroel. Or of their country.

Utter Lunacy.


Princess Lea said...

I'm with you.

The way that people flock to the grave of a rebbe they never met nor has any connection to is irreligious. The reason why Moshe Rabbeinu's kever is in an unknown location was to ensure his gravesite would not become a place of worship.

If there is any mention of cemetery-visiting, there is a concept of kever avos, that by the miraglim Kalev visited mearas hamachpelah, because they are his ancestors.

If I go grave-visiting, it will be at the graves of my grandparents and great-grandparents. Only they have a close enough tie to me to be a source of bracha.

And to give a bunch of anteh-semit Europeans our dollars? Nuts!

Doobie said...

I also am bothered by the the funding of the likely yearlong salaries of hundred of Ukranians. and also why would spending yom tov away from your family bring you the most spirituality? I think there might be something wrong at home...

Pragmatician said...

couldn't agree more, it bugs me terribly (and many of these appear at our doors or shuls for donations tzedadakkah)

reminds of an old post I wrote