Tuesday, December 6, 2011

random "complaints"

doesn't every yeshiva kid learn that we aren't supposed to kneel?

from whence came this trend of these frum guys proposing on one knee? it's like, so goyish. blech.

and I am really "fed up" with the misuse of quotation marks on "store" signs.

for example:
please give your "key tags" to the cashier at the register.
Specials: "turkey" salad, "chicken" salad.

and my favorite:
mazel tov to Yanky on his new baby "boy".


Princess Lea said...

I don't understand a lot of the things we took on. Like the bracelet in addition to the ring. And the engagement ring is unnecessary. Or buying the groom a watch he may never wear. Or vorts which no one wants to go to, and since there will be a wedding in three months anyway.

These gripes can go on for quite a bit.

daughtersintheparsha said...

actually I like parties so I don't agree with you about the vort thing.

and I love jewelry and so do my girls so I don't agree about the ring.

the bracelet is nice but it irks me that is has evolved into diamonds which is very a very expensive gift to give when also making a wedding.

let's gripe!!

Princess Lea said...

Ah, you are not an equal-opportunity griper!

I love bling too, but some people are put into a financial hard place in order to maintain all these "required" items.

They should be, like the knee, optional.

FBB said...

THe "boy" could just be a placeholder for a name that never gets submitted.

Keep the bracelet (and watch, and pearls)just the ring will do.

daughtersintheparsha said...
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daughtersintheparsha said...

??? boy a placeholder? for what?

Doobie said...

I agree with you DIP, I think it is an actual misuse of the quotation marks. those signs in particular seem like they could have used underlining instead. (or nothing as the case may be.)

Anonymous said...

Curious about this "trend" you describe. As this is usually a private a)act how does it become a trend and b) how do we all know about it?

daughtersintheparsha said...

anonymous -

pictures on only simchas or facebook.

no one wants to be anonymous anymore.

Wolfman said...

Here's a. Complaint:

One post per month.

daughtersintheparsha said...

wolfman: your complaint? that I don't blog enough? or should only post once a month?!

daughtersintheparsha said...
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wolfman said...

You don't post enough