Thursday, October 3, 2013

Religious Disclaimers, or Look, I Really Am Very Very Frum!!

"he wanted to play tennis, so we got him a Male Instructor"

"she was desperate for a coffee, so she ran into the nearest dunkin donuts and got an unflavored black coffee"

"oh, that's where your son is? My son's rebbeim really wanted him to go there to Reb Avraham Yeshaya, but he chose someplace else. B'H, though, he's in the top shiur there. At the Mir."

"It was a yummy dessert! I don't bother with the whip, too many calories, just my washed-before-shabbos-hulled, strawberries,....."

"He's a very very ehrlicha boy, maybe you've heard of his great uncle, the Rosh Yeshiva of_____? Anyway, he found a good job, is responsible about parnoso, totally not bummy or anything...."

I think we all talk too much.


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momoftwo said...

im glad u started blogging again. i had missed your wit and point of view.