Monday, November 18, 2013

Bring Back the Title of Mr.

I'm back to complain.

I'm so disgusted. with things in our frum world.

the title of Mr. has become dishonorable, disgraceful, low, pick your adjective

Do not reference a Gvir, an Askan, as Rav _____ if they are not a Rabbi.

They are important, very important, to our frum world!

There is no disgrace in being a Mr. who supports Torah, organizations, families, tzedakas.

But please!  JUST WRITE MR. 

you take away the distinction between their importance in our world, and the importance of our bonafide Rabbonim, who are our spiritual guides.


Wondering Minds said...

Especially since it's usually those about to ask you for money that address someone as "Rabbi", to try and inflate the ego.

daughtersintheparsha said...

not only.
just every reference to every Mr. has now become Reb. I'm not sure why

Lost and Found said...

I was going to say the word "reb" is what I find to be commonly used nowadays. Then I saw your comment.

I think "reb" has become the new "Mr." Reb doesn't mean rabbi, at least, not colloquially.

It's probably a psychological tactic to make the supporters feel "chashuv" as WM mentioned.

It's the same thing as giving a gift.
Gvir: "I gave you money to use to support the yeshiva, not buy me a Rosh Hashana basket!"

The fact is, raising money is difficult. Those doing this impossible task have to use every tool that they've got to get supporters to open their pockets.

No one is mistaking these people for rabbis and asking for halachic psakim, so I see nothing wrong with it.