Monday, May 23, 2011

Sick Out There and Getting Sicker

To paraphrase that icon of talk shows, Bob Grant....

If we have been working so hard to make sure our children (rightly so) are protected from the evils of the secular world, why are there so many more children Off the D?

Why is Lakewood full of organizations and yeshivos and programs and projects to help the wayward lost souls of that community, if that is one of the communities that insists on conformity, lack of exposure i.e. internet, library books, secular studies, etc.? We should be celebrating the renewed commitment to a Torah lifestyle because of all the limits and bans and restrictions and controls we have placed on our children and community!

I don't get it

-all black clothing because color, which Hashem created and has all around us in His beautiful world, in untzniusdik
-all separate affairs with moveable walls for mechitzas (when did trees become too lenient?)
-modest swimwear. hello, who are they swimming with in the first place? just women!
-no pics of women in any magazines or newspapers or billboards advertising dinners they are supposedly being honored by
-open houses or school orientations where men are requested not to attend
-graduations where dads are not invited (thankfully not at my daughter's school, but at another local BY high school)
-no more dance performances at all girls' high school concert (same BY high school)


Dr. Dummkopf said...
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Doctor G. W. Greunkern said...

This is precisely the problem, when you take away everything, even the innocent becomes forbidden, and so much sweeter. Also, as we have seen by the insane decisions of public schools to suspend six year olds for camp tools, zero tolerance doesn't work, and just drives out the kids that do not fit the exact mold.

Anonymous said...

i think also this leads to hypocrisy, which in turn leads to more kids getting fed up with all the "rules" The internet is BAD bad bad, Unless you need it for business...Movies are bad bad bad unless t hey are put out by chofetz chaim... You cant stress the importance of following hashem's rules when you have made up rules that are made to be more important. There is a reason our chachomim did not institute burkas for women or dressing like the Amish. And we would be foolish to pretend that times have never been as perilous as ours!!!