Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Greatest Scam, or Wedding Advice Tip #1

Gown Rentals.

What a scam being foisted on the frum community.

I know, I know, if no one participated, rented, bought into it, then "it", whatever "it" is, would stop.

Stores here in Monsey rent wedding gowns- bride, mother of bride, family members.  low end can be $150. But that is a gown that has been rented to people for nigh on three to four years. Shopworn, dated, used looking.  That is a decent price, I suppose.
But $500? Or $850? for Mom of Bride? for RENTAL??? yes! capital letters! I am shrieking!

Bridal stores SELL gowns for that price.  Even with building up, (the term for adding sleeves. or in some cases, an entire top) the cost is often the same as a rental. So why on earth are we all spending this money just to rent something?

Help! The Emperor's New Clothes!  And I have used that term before but I don't remember for which post. But I can tell you that there are some things we all do cuz everyone else does it and it just does not make sense.

So here is my brilliant advice to all you singles, mothers of singles, sisters, and young girls just starting your dating career:
start looking for wedding gowns NOW.  If you can have pots, dishes, quilts, and tupperware containers in your attic because they were on sale, why is a wedding gown any different? Start looking at bridal magazines to get a picture of what you want. Walk into a bridal store, Jewish or otherwise, to see if you like white, off white,  diamond white, ivory, cream, lace, lace with sparkles, lace with crystals, heavy glitz, no glitz, drop waist, tafetta skirt, ball gown skirt, empire waist, princess skirt, ruffles, gathers, pleats, straight, fish tail, round neck, high collar, v-neck, sweetheart neck, added sleeves, added straps, belts, bows, gathers, lace on top, smooth on top, one material, two materials, silk, tafetta, silk-wool, tafetta-wool, tafetta-silk, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, bell sleeve, puff sleeve, train, bustle, and on and on and on.

Of course things come and go in style, but if your 18 or 19 and everyone in your family got married by 20-21 and you're hopeful the same will happen to you, save  yourself a lot of running around and buy.it.now!!

disclaimer: This is NOT complaining. This is NOT kvetching. We are THRILLED to be busy with this. We have been waiting for this for a long time. This is just a piece of timely advice.


Anonymous said...

It's not the same thing. Even a young woman who remains single will need pots, pans, towels etc. unless she plans to live with her parents until 120.

G6 said...

Not sure I agree with you on every point on this one.
Yes, I agree that prices are outrageous, but don't fool yourself that the quality of dress that can be bought and built up for a particular price will at all compare with the quality of an equally priced rental.
You get more for your (thrown out) money by renting...

G6 said...

get it?

daughtersintheparsha said...


and we got gowns yesterday, at a rental. one major shopping trip done in 1 and 1/2 hours. slate gray. look good. and of course The Bride found her Dream Dress, B'H.

you're right. I guess if we have six months to look and plan and shop wisely, it's more cost efficient.