Monday, March 4, 2013

It's Starvation Time!!

Yes, that time of year that all mothers look forward to!

Emptying out the freezer!

Oh! The dinner possibilites!

I picked up DIP3 from the bus after her very long day at school in the city.  She flopped into the passenger seat, and before the door was securely locked, she asked me, "Please tell there is a good supper waiting at home - I am STARVING!"

"Well," I said, too brightly and somewhat hesitantly...

She picked up on that in one second and whipped her head around very fast.


"Purim is in one week and this year I decided  not to wait until two weeks before Pesach to empty the freezer, and  have to throw out all those zip lock bags and disintegrating foil lumps from the freezer. We are starting to eat Freezer Food early!"

I received an Epic Groan and even heard a supportive Stomach Rumble to go with it. 

But it's not so bad.

At least I am not serving her something made from the 55 frozen Esrogim from last year (2011) that her father still has in the freezer for his Esrog Infused Vodka.

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