Monday, March 4, 2013

Entitlement Gone Wild

Well, not sure if it's entitlement, or just I -think-so-much -of-myself-and-my-kids-I -don't-realize -how -awful-this-sounds  Syndrome.

Here it is:  Mai'sa Shehaya!

talking to parents of a boy beginning to date. He really wants to live in Israel. Learn in Israel when married. For as long as possible*

So I asked, hold on, is your son that eager to return, that if he meets a girl and gets engaged, he will return to Israel to learn  till he gets married?  (answer)"You bet!"

So then I asked, what about the idea of an engagement a time of getting to know your betrothed a little better? (answer) "They can talk on the phone! Or..."

-this is just so beautiful-

"Let her hop on a plane and visit him!"

Sure! spend another thousand bucks AND take off from a job AND miss school AND spend more of parents' money AND put more of the financial burden and responsibility on the girl AND have expectations out the wazoo of the girl and her parents and expect the boys to do NOTHING but contribute

_________________________________  you may fill in answer of your choice.

I was so upset.

* when a friend told me it's a struggle but she is still supporting her daughter because they committed to five years and I said, well is your son in law planning to go to work? her answer was "I don't know and I don't ask". 

You hear that, folks?!?  I DON'T KNOW AND I DON'T ASK

Why not??

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