Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drop the Shadchanim - Go To a Wedding

The only place or event left in our right wing world where boys and girls can casually meet up is at a wedding.
Specifically, the lobby.

I'm all for it!
Of course some shuls still have kiddushes and vorts with just a table dividing the men and women, without the Berlin Wall separating potential mates. These events also present an opportunity for casual mingling.  Though some young folk might not want to check out the other side of the room after shul when their parents are present.  So a vort would work, too.  Especially if there is one entranced to the building. Separate entrances really put a damper on shidduch efforts.

But the lobby at a wedding? All that milling about - there's the opportunity for the boys and girls, or men and women, to glance around, ask a relative or friend to introduce them, and perhaps make a connection on their own.

And those halls that have lots of extra space and rooms in front of the coat check, chosson's tisch, etc? Perfect places for polite conversation.

Here, Here!!


Princess Lea said...

The problem is that we single gals cannot tell which men are available. Meaning they would have to make the first move, which no one is happy to do.

FBB said...

I hate to be the voice of doom and gloom, but a lot of the weddings and vorts I've been to just fill me with dread, vis-vis what's "out there" and who will be normal for my girls. But then I remember that God knows what he is doing, and I calm down.

Sporadic Intelligence said...

Hey, tried e-mailing you. But you have no apparent address. I nominated you for a blogger award. Have fun!