Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why I Love My Kids

I can use them as excuses.

As in, "sorry I couldn't come over, the kids are home sick"
"the kids are home fighting"
" the kids aren't home yet"
"the kids are coming home soon"
"I can't find my kids"

that last one never happened, or  I wouldn't have actually admitted it to anyone. 

But that entity called Children At Home Who Need Me is slowly coming to a long drawn out end.

DIP3 had a real job interview today!  (now blog post title changes to DIP3 is Out There!)

well, mainly real.
She's pretty confident. Actually very. And talented. And a conversationalist. And can actually make eye contact and respond to adults when they talk. Quite a feat. 

'til she found parking downtown created some stress, but she's a cool customer.  But she was concerned about the interviewer for this internship, probably head of a department.  Her father told her to wear pearls. Looks more sophisticated, shows she'd be serious about the workplace.  She did her polite eye roll, which was more like a flutter, without the snort, to be kind to her Old Dad.  But we agreed that pearls are passe and no one expects a 19 year old college student to wear pearls.

So she traveled into Manhattan, dealt with bad weather traffic, found a lot available for vans 10 minutes away, strode confidently in to the building armed with clever comments about the business, fresh copy of her resume, and loads of advice from her Experience-With-Interviews-Father and .....mother.

And she was interviewed by a 20 and 21 year old!! Young Shnooks!  The whole thing took 10 minutes! And they told her they interviewed college seniors, too. Which means priority.  But of course I know she's probably the best suited for the job, so who cares who is older?

I will withhold comment until she hears back from them.  Sigh.

But it reminds me of a similar (actually, not so similar, really) event that happened to me in high school. Our school play was a performance of Annie.  I tried out like everyone else for the play,, hoping for the main part.  I got the part of the smallest orphan. Probably because I was such a shrimp, and very loud (remember her part? She wakes up screaming from a nightmare).  After the parts were given out and I was thoroughly disappointed not to get the main part, one of the heads of the play (with, in my opinion, almost zero acting ability) told me she and another girl really thought I was best suited for the part, but they didn't think it was right to give the main part of the high school play to a ninth grader, so they gave it to a 12th grader. Who actually did the part really well, but come on!!

so you hear that, _ _ _ _?? (name of company)


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