Friday, January 18, 2013

Patrick Farm

There is some hope in the Patrick Farm debate.

It is an area of roughly 200 undeveloped acres here in Ramapo, right near the Monsey community, that a developer wants to develop into 400+ multi family housing units, and 87 single family units.  We're talking thousands of people in an area that is quiet, wooded, undeveloped, almost forest-like. 

Most of the neighbors are against it as it would change the quiet, undeveloped nature of the neighborhood. They are also concerned about the impact on environment, water, sewage, basic infrastructure.

And because this issue and complaints have been ongoing for years, the debate has continued.  Now there is a possibility that someone will reconsider the amounts.

So if you are local, PLEASE write your displeasure, disagreement, opinion.  Authorities are accepting letters or communication until January 30th.

Dear Sirs;
Please do not (over)develop the Patrick Farm area. We are the current residents. We live here. They don't.  Please don't choose the desires of developers over the interests of the current population, who moved here because of the quiet nature, undeveloped land, and rural like qualities of the area.
We are the residents. We are the constituents.  Others who aren't here shouldn't have a voice over us.
Thank you.

Has this happened in your area, too? I'd love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

I remember Monsey 30 years ago (and my spouse grew up there 40, er, fortysomething years ago), and this is 30 years too late.

daughtersintheparsha said...

What, my desire for limiting development in ramapo? Is 30 years too late? Nope. Only since St. Lawrence has been the king.