Thursday, March 13, 2014

Theme Panic

As a teacher, the word "theme" is a literary term.  "Thematic Units" - many books, articles, videos, and discussions about a particular subject.

But come Adar time, it has a different meaning... I have headaches, sweaty palms, roiling stomach pains... in short - Theme Panic!!

Yes, I am one of those who wishes she could have clever themes that tie together the food, packaging, colors, and poem- all to be a clever Balabusta who can create Thematic Purim Mishloach Manos!!

For years I railed against them - "let the theme be food you can EAT!"  "Those people are losing sight of the basics of the MITZVAH!"

Don't get me wrong, I would never make a mishloach manos of an orange and a brownie square in a paper plate stapled together to look like a Hamantaschen, as was popular when I was a kid.  Twas done by those uncreative, last minute mothers.  My mother made delicious and unique Mishloach Manonses.  I think.  One year I remember big pizzas.
 Once I received a mishloach manos in one of those fabric chinese-themed jewelry pouches.  about 3" by 3".  It had a miniscule bottle of some shnappsy thing, and I believe a single wrapped chocolate with foreign writing on it.  My little kids were eager to see it: " Oooh, oooh, What is it? What is it?"  I personally felt like shouting "WHERE is it? where is it?"

But I have discovered the keys to a successful Mishloach Manos:
glue guns
shrink wrap

nothing rolls around or falls off when you glue it with hot glue.
it looks very serious when it is shrink wrapped.

Of course, pointy things don't shrink wrap well.  But when you deliver it, you can always fake-trip, then apologize for accidentally tearing the tight shrink wrap

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