Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's Not A Contest...

...To see who is having the most people possible for Yomtov.

This past week, pretty much every person I've met has asked, "so who's coming for yomtov, having a full house? A lot of people?"
I understand asking , "Are you're parents coming?" or the popular expression (yich), "your marrieds".

We've had this discussion before, how the women work very hard with shopping and meal planning and cooking, and it is overwhelming, and those outside the Tribe wouldn't understand cooking 16 meals for 10-20 people.  And yes, our pre-Pesach activity is almost exclusively focused on cooking (and clothing shopping).  But I always have the feeling of it being a one-upping conversation:

"Hey, how's the cooking going? Big crowd?"
"Yeah, the usual, my 5 plus my marrieds and my mom in law and her aid.  No big deal, really. Whatever.  What about you?"
"Well, we have a little break Shabbos Chol Hamoed, just the 9 of us."

But I think this week I will try to meet people with, "So, do you have a nice Pesach or Hagadda Dvar Torah you can share with me?"

Oh, and here's what's happening in our house!!
First days we are 6 people.  We are really looking forward to it.  Will be a very focused Seder, one guest, my single kids, us females can sing everything! Another guest or two for some meals.

Chol Hamoed and the last days, all my children, a few extra guests here and there.

I am looking forward to my meals with guests, and my meals with just my children.

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sporadicintelligence said...

It's always the best when the girls can sing. When I was single those were the favorite sedorim (my married sis would come for one)

Now that I'm married, I fear I may have silenced my mother forever with my husband's presence, but I get to sing YAY, For one seder this year!