Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Yeshiva World: Print Entertainment

You gotta love the comments.

DIP3 has categories for the types of comments on the jewish news websites:

The Grammar Nazis:
 "hey #3, maybe use a spell checker"
"you idiot, if you had graduated past 3rd grade you'd know it's YOUR not YOR or YOURE"

REAL TIME EXAMPLE: you mean CAVALRY.  they're not a christian group
You mean ” Cavalry “.they’re not a christian group. - See more at:
You mean ” Cavalry “.they’re not a christian group. - See more at:

The Gemara Quoters:
"I'm sorry, but in Avoda Zara Daf yud amud beis it clearly states, R'Yochanan holds differently, he says Rome was the most powerful.  So clearly the tanoim knew more than you, buster.  And we all know from other examples that Obama is Rome. And Yovon. And Haman. "

"#8, I've seen your comments and you always say you were a top bochur but clearly you must've been  out drinking coffee during the shiur because no gemara supports your opinion.  You sound ignorant"

 The Halacha Sticklers:
" you don't know what you're talking about, the Mechaber clearly states about this issue that devorim sheain bohem ...."

The Hashem Criers:
"Hashem! Hashem! Help your children! Your flock is begging You to answer its tefilos!"

The Meshichists:
"Oy! We need mashiach so soon.....our tears are overflowing...."
"If this tragedy and travesty doesn't bring Moshiach what will, I know he's waiting in the wings"

The Lashon Hara Police:
"I think all of you posters really need to think about how what your saying is mamesh lashon hara and you might even be causing real anguish to the guy's family"

"I'm sorry to say this is real lashon hara your tattes would be so sad for this they survived aushwitz to have their kids waste ther time saying really lashon hara things about a man who supports his family and the hole comunty everyone nows he's a big bal zedada"  (errors intentional)

of course we also have those whose spelling is atrocious and do not heed the admonishment of the Grammar  and Spelling Nazis:

REAL TIME EXAMPLES: there are some ill education people in are community

But DIP3's absolute favorite is someone named Poppa bar poppa, who, according to her, comments on every single thread. Every day. In the Yeshiva World Coffee Room.

Look it up!

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sporadicintelligence said...

My laugh for the day!

I LOVE reading comments. I usually just stick to my hometown website, YeshivaWorld is too large.

I never comment though.

Really, really, everyone sounds like a moron, no matter how smart his(/her) comment is.