Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finally Facing the Book and It Ain't Worth the Hype

I did it.

I joined facebook.

and I regret it already. my daughtersintheparsha say it is social networking, a quick way to keep up. I ask, why is it necessary to keep up that frequently?

In real life it isn't necessary to know the mindless drivel and idiocy and plethora of inane unimportant facts that people post every fifteen seconds:

such as:

Shprintze Yentel burnt supper!

Hocker Macher going to the post office!

Tzufloigen Hoisen lost his keys, took the spares!

who cares?

and boy does this waste TONS of time.


corner point said...

Lol. G'luck with that.

I have not succumbed to it yet. G-d help me be strong...


Something Different said...

Yeah, lol. I am scrupulously avoiding it...I know myself and I know I can get horribly addicted.
I must say though, for someone who has not joined, I really fail to see the lure of facebook. It doesn't make any sense to me... (Should I say B"H?)

John said...

No one forces you to check it, you know.

nmf #7 said...

Agreeing with CP and SD- I'm avoiding it like the plague...
I spend too much time online as it is :)
SD- you can keep in touch with people, see their pictures that they post, use it as a job networking tool....but it is horribly addictive.

Something Different said...

NMF- I know what facebook is, but as someone who has never tried it...I just don't get it.