Wednesday, June 26, 2013

call me a whining old lady but....

it's incredibly depressing to write things and have no comments at all.

argue with me! tell me I'm an opinionated, awful, bitter, terrible person!
tell me you love my writing style!
or just check in so I know that those few commenters still read this!

I've actually posted some comments on other blogs just to get some traffic over here!

I guess it's like DIP3 tells me, I'm really stuck in the 80's: opinion, style, even ability to attract blog readers.


poor me


Mystery Woman said... that's why you left a comment on my blog. I thought it was because you actually liked what I wrote! :)

I do read your blog, and I occasionally comment. But you're doesn't feel good to write and then get no feedback. I will make an effort to comment more often. Us bloggers need to be there for each other!

Mystery Woman said...

I forgot to check off "email follow up comments...", and I can't do that without leaving a here you go - another comment.

Yitzhak said...

I know it may be hard to imagine, but even in our Internet age, there are still those who would rather read than publish, at least in areas outside their core competencies.

But as you're so poignantly fishing for a compliment: it is indeed very refreshing to read the societal perspectives of an acute adult, as a change of pace from the standard young adult musings ubiquitous in this sphere.

David Herman said...

As someone who has commented on your posts (and BTW they are very good!!)I think it's a matter of engagement, excuse the pun.

You should engage commentators akin to a conversation. That way you will not only get more comments and feedback on your original posts, but really hear what people think. If all you want is a quick reaction from readers, you might want to add a 'reaction tool bar' at the bottom of each post.

Here are instructions on how:

tesyaa said...

A lot of blogs have even fewer comments than yours, so don't fret.

And yes, I agree with David Herman. If you want more comments, respond to the comments you do receive!

daughtersintheparsha said...

mystery woman:

no,no, no!! I DID like what you wrote, really!!

yitzchak: thanks for your polite response to my not so subtle "fishing"

David: consider yourself engaged in conversation.

all: thanks for your feedback. and now I know your all reading and following, I feel energized :)

Sporadic Intelligence said...

I always read and sometimes comment - do I get extra credit?

How bout we swap, I comment on your posts - you on mine (I'm also desperate for feedback - don't want to be called a whiny old lady though ;) )

Oh and ditto to Yitchak's comment, that's what I love about your blog!

Lost and Found said...

I'm hopeless when it comes to commenting on other people's blogs. I get these spurts (having one now) where I go on a commenting spree, but those are few and far between. I always, eventually, read everyone's posts that I follow, but I'm not always so good with the commenting bit. I'll try and comment more on your posts in the future :-)

I would say that it takes more than just engagement on your own blog, but on others' as well. The more you comment on other readers' blogs, the more likely they'll visit yours and comment. If someone comments on my blog, I make sure to visit theirs and, if I have something to add, I'll comment. That's how I got any readers to begin with, and I think it's courtesy to comment on someone else's writing when they've taken the time and effort to comment on yours.

Anonymous said...

i wish you would post more regularly. I sometimes stop checking your blog after a while of no new posts and then one day i get back to it and there are 5-10 very recent posts.

daughtersintheparsha said...

anonymous -
maybe if you named yourself I'd know you were a fan and post more regularly :) :)

daughtersintheparsha said...
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