Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I feel so bad for Paula Deen

I've never actually eaten anything produced by Paula Deen (uh, it's not kosher) and I've never been to her restaurant, bought her housewares, or followed her show, career, magazine, etc.    Though I have watched her Youtube clip of her making classic southern macaroni and cheese. Just watching it will freeze your arteries.  Globs and globs of cheese and butter, and another heap o' cheese and more bubbling cheese....

And she's from the south and clearly doesn't have a racially diverse following, which is allowed.  But I do not get the total shunning, vilification, character assassination of this woman.  Her endorsements are dropping her faster than you'd drop a fresh deep fried ball of mozarella.


Because she used racial slurs 20, 30, years ago? Or even if she used them 10 years ago? Or 6 months ago?  It wasn't during a conversation with someone, it wasn't while she was being interviewed by Matt Lauer or Oprah or Regis or Kathy or NPR. There isn't an outraged individual the day after, talking and complaining loudly to the press. So why this destroying of the woman and her career?

I'm not in favor at all of racial slurs. They are hurtful, harmful, create barriers, offend people, divide people, etc.

But hasn't Paula Deen earned something for all the companies she has associated her name with?
Hasn't she really been the Queen of Southern (unhealthy) Cooking?

There seems to be no sense of loyalty, and worse, almost no outspoken verbal support! Why not?

It's somewhat frightening to see how tenuous some well known persona's popularity can be.   It's scary to think that the media and the press and even the American population can like someone so much and then....just drop them.  Just like that.

opinions, anyone?


Princess Lea said...

Look, don't take the comment-thing so personally. Plenty of my posts don't get comments, and apparently a big chunk of comments are just other bloggers trolling for traffic.

I don't comment unless I have something to say. A lot of other readers are like that, or there are some people that are happy to read without having to leave feedback, like a department store website.

But one thing is for sure, you will only have readers if you post regularly.

As for Paula Deen, I never could stand her or her heart-attack ridden food. She had a good run, and I'm sure she has plenty in savings. I'm not wasting any sympathy on her, and I can bet you money that wasn't the last and only time she used the "n" word.

Bug said...

it is all part of a movement called political correctness. a rather dangerous movement. also its a double standard because they are allowed to call themselves that but we can't use the term? seems like a double standard. america i have lost faith in you.

Lost and Found said...

I agree with you DitP. I also feel bad for her and what's happened to her. As Bug pointed out, it really is a double standard, with Blacks being able to use the word freely, but everybody else being shunned and despised for using it.

Nu nu, as PL said, I can't say I feel thaat badly for her- I'm sure she has plenty of money- but it is a sad and sorry way for a television icon to end her career.

saddened by our political correctness said...

i agree with you, i am surprised and saddened that everyone is so happy to jump on the bandwagon and just drop her. Without any discussion of whether it is true or not, how often this sort of thing happened, if there is any other evidence of her truly being racist i think it has been alot of poor sensationalist journalism!!