Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Smell A Festa Hock

YBS is just too funny with his yeshivish lingo, I just had to write a bit more.

So we are all hanging out in the kitchen during the family Chanuka party, and I am arguing with one sister how I will not make sandwiches for my other sister who is driving home the next day (we fall into the same patterns and argue the same things we did when we were kids), when my son strolls in and says,
"Woa, I Smell a Festa Hock goin' on over here"
My sisters don't have Yeshiva Bochur Sons- not old enough, not yeshivish, whatever. They stare at him. Then they look at me:

"What is wrong with him?"

Would YOU be able to explain this is one minute? It is a whole culture, and my sisters are way out of it. I remind them of that adorable (actually, not so cute any more since I am living with it) Abie Rottenberg song, "yeshivisha reid" about all the yeshivish language these young boys use.

It is not the same listening to the song, and then having it live (pronounced with the long i) in your house all the time.

Of course I tell YBS it is none of his business, but that's when my sister, the one I won't make lunches for, exclaims how thrilled she is that she lives out of town. HAH! Until she needs a school for HER son!

So my Festa Hocker Yeshiva Bochur Son hangs out with us in the kitchen.

And as the conversation goes on, wonder of wonders, he participates employing normal English! THERE IS HOPE! HE CAN CONVERSE WITH ADULTS!


corner point said...

Em.....what's a festa hock...?

(And as for you last week's question--nope, I'm not new. Been blogging for over a year. Just new to your blog :-D)

tembow said...

yeah, do you mind translating??

and also, thanks for reminding me about that abie rotenberg song... i had forgotten about it! lol :)