Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Less yeshivish weddings are WAY more fun and Bais Yaakov concerts should allow for more creative dancing

It's not even that I had fun, cuz I am too much older than the young wigglers to actually do what they do. But the weddings with BY girls? Dull dancing. Hey! It's separate dancing, with the Berlin Wall (pre removal) protecting any evil roaming eye from looking at them, and they still can't dance naturally and without abandon!

The Stern/Touro Manhattan chevra love shrieking as they dance. Every time another girl goes in the middle to swing with the bride, there is a new round of blood curdling screams of thrilledness.

And whatever happened to the old custom of lifting up the bride and groom to swing a napkin at eachother over the mechitza?

Okay, one wedding there was a girl wearing killer heels that I kid you not, a millimeter higher and it would have tipped her over flat on her face. PLUS she really should have worn control top pantyhose. I mean, I really don't stare, and try not to pass judgement, but hey, if you are not going to wear a slip, think of how the dress might (or might not) fit you.

Ever see the dances at the girls concerts? Like, the Bais Yakov concerts? They all do the exact same moves every single year. Jerky, ungraceful, boring moves. Maybe they should go to a Y.U. wedding and watch how the girls dance.


EsPes said...

come to an out of town wedding- MUCH more fun than a ny wedding! (and it can even be a BY wedding!)

Anonymous said...

You are plain wrong go to real yeshivish wedings the yeshiva guys and girls rock it up! Then you go to some rich not yeshivish wedding with 30 pc. band and noone dances!