Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dry Spell

Having one now.

We are quite parched, searching through the dunes, trying to find some nourishment.

Okay a bit corny. But I have noticed that this is the term women use when discussing with friends the absence of phone calls for their shidduch age daughters, "we're having a dry spell right now".

Are boys* having a torrential downpour? Gale of sorts? Raining buckets?

*When are they called men? When they are financially independent? Shaving more than once a week?
And "girls"?!?
My mother recently attended her 50th high school reunion, this is how she spoke about it:

"Wow, I just spoke to the organizer, 73 girls are coming!"
Me: That's amazing. How many girls can't come? (maybe it's past curfew)
Mom: Well, 11 are dead. 3 are in wheelchairs, two are nursing sick husbands, and one we can't find. She disappeared.

I would have said, maybe she is in the mall, since girls can get lost there, but I thought it might be disrespectful

and as usual, the end of my post has nothing to do with the title.


Anonymous said...

i hope it starts "raining men " really soon and that you will be out of your "dry spell"

Anonymous said...

i actually thought this post was pretty funny despite your "dry spell". keep it up! :)

G6 said...

It's a normal phenomenon.
Bein Hazmanim has just ended for the Yeshiva bochrim (who are busy securing new chavrusas etc....) and midterms are beginning for the college boys :)
It'll pick up again soon.

P.S. Do you refer to this as a "DIP dip"? ;)

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Awesome post!!!
just wondering... if you really didn't adhere to some rules, would she actually come up to you in the store and tell you about it?