Tuesday, November 17, 2009


YBS is always looking to make money. He just doesn't have opportunities or a very specific skill with which to earn.

In the yeshiva world, or dorm life, opportunities abound:
hair cuts
chulent maker
make chulent
drive to mechel's and buy chulent for everyone
buy kugel
hair cuts

of course there are seasonal things:
sell arba minim. usually a boy whose male relatives are already selling, so he has stock without shelling out his own money.
Purim Shtik. I need a whole post for THIS nonsense. But usually a boy who has a car, and on his way to or from Mechel's or Meal Mart, stops off and buys shtik.
Chulent seller/maker. Always the season for Chulent!!

So we were discussing his options this past shabbos.

YBS: I gotta do something, I need money for stuff
Me: Uh, How about hair cuts?
YBS: nope, AL already gives haircuts.
Me: So? 70 Bochrim is a lot of hair, isn't there room for you, too?
YBS: Stop, ok?! It's not a big deal, I am new in the yeshiva, I don't have to make trouble. Maybe when AL leaves.
Me: okay, I can't believe I am suggesting this,but how about Chulent? get a crock pot and you're all set.
YBS:Some guy already does it, he sells it on Thursday nights.
Me: So? 70 Bochrim is a lot of stomachs, and appetites, isn't there room for you to make, too?
YBS: Ma, what are you doing? these guys already do it, I can't just come in and sell whatever I want!
Me:?? why not?? What good is living in America and Believing in Capitalism if you don't have a little competition? And isn't Chulent Cook leaving Pesach Zman?
YBS: yeah, but AL (the barber) is taking over.
Me: WHAT??!? This is NUTS! the hair cut guy has a MONOPOLY and the rest of you are COWED into simpering unmotivated zombies who just get hair cuts and fress chulent and DON"T EVEN PROTEST!

YBS just stared at me. "I don't get this goyish zachin your sprechen about. It's no big deal.
Me: Okay, so how about making....soup! You can be the soup guy!
younger brother: Oh, soooo cooool. The guy who makes so-oop. slurp slurp yum yum. maybe he can do everyone's nails, too

However, .....YBS bought a small crock pot at Target and when he got to Yeshiva he made himself some vegetable soup.

Slurp slurp, quite good


harry-er than them all said...

long distance phonecards
cleaners service

oh and interesting capchta 'booki' -hows that as a job for a yeshiva guy

SLiM said...

He has to make it smell good but only have a little bit to share. That can raise demand (and the prices)

G6 said...

Harry took my suggestion of bookbinder.
There's also the guy who knows how to sew on a button.
And don't forget the guy who knows how to iron shirts.

f said...

I agree with you G6..

in fact my husband do the laundry on our home....


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I agree with you G6..

in fact my husband do the laundry on our home....