Wednesday, November 25, 2009

YBS updates

So he is actually making soup in his crockpot!

YBS went to the local Shoprite and bought loads of vegetables. Second trip. First time he made soup and told me it tasted like bland tap water. Which was the main ingredient he put in the soup, plus half a parsnip, one onion, and a carrot. Second time around, he added squash, cauliflower, onions, potatoes, as well as carrots and parsnip. That soup came out great and he shared it with about seven guys.

You heard right, SHARED IT.

As in, "Would you like some? Here! My pleasure to GIVE you a bowlful."

Woah- I didn't scream at him but I loudly exclaimed,
Me: What on earth? Didn't you want to make some money? Didn't you want to have a new food angle? Didn't you want to sell some soup? Didn't I give you some moolah to buy veggies to make soup to make a profit??!!

YBS: Come on, Ma, I can't sell SOUP. It's like, not a choshuv zach. It's just vegetables! and Water!

Me: You sure can, buster! And chulent? is Just Beans! and Potatoes! And bad stomache aches later on!

YBS: it's just stupid soup!

Me: Oh, and Woodstock was JUST a concert?!?

YBS: ??? Huh??

Anyway, he is trying to diet. He told me he is getting all the bread they serve for lunches and suppers in whole wheat form. Like, subs, shwarma, etc? His will be whole wheat. And Shabbos rolls? His will be whole wheat. So of course I am already thinking, uh huh, whom did you have to pay off for this? But turns out the guy who has the food/haircut markets pretty much does the whole wheat request for free.

YBS is also trying to lose some poundage. He told me there is a treadmill in the dorm!

Me: Great! Can you go on it whenever you want?

YBS: Sort of. See this guy bought it and never uses it, so he charges $1 per use, or $10 from off shabbos to off shabbos.

whatever. He is shteiging, he is happy, he is trying to diet, and I am funding his learning about capitalism


SLiM said...

I am glad he got the soup making down. Anything made in a crockpot feels very nourishing and it can only help with the diet!

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Anonymous said...

Woodstock was free. Also why is it a bad thing that he shared with people. The more of your blog I read, the worse of a person you come across as.